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Whether you play ice hockey recreationally or professionally, every time you step on the ice you want to be focused on playing well and teamwork to win the game. Knowing that you’re using the best hockey tape on your stick and to secure your protective shin pads, helps free up your mind to stay in the game.

Renfrew Pro Tape was established in 1980 and hockey sticks have changed a lot since. From all-wood construction to metal to today’s composite one piece hockey sticks. And with each new development, the performance expectations of hockey tape also needed to change.

Renfrew Pro Tape continuously evolves its products to ensure that every roll of hockey tape optimizes performance, regardless of the type of hockey stick you use.


Renfrew Pro Tape is proudly made in Canada. Our tapes are manufactured in Renfrew, Ontario – a town with rich hockey history. Renfrew Pro Tape was born and raised in Renfrew, and it continues to bring both tradition and innovation to our tapes today.

There’s Tape. And Then There’s Renfrew Pro Tape.

Renfrew Pro Tape is the official tape for the majority of the professional hockey teams in North America. Renfrew Hockey Tape has also been in the dressing room of every Stanley Cup championship team for over 20 consecutive years. Renfrew Hockey Tape offers unrivalled quality for ice hockey players all over the world. The nature of our product construction enhances puck control and protects your hockey stick against the harsh climate on the ice.

A Little Town in Ontario Gives Birth to the NHL

The Renfrew Millionaires, created by M. J. O'Brien and his son Ambrose, was a professional hockey team that attracted national attention to the small timber town of Renfrew, Ontario, Canada (originally called the Renfrew Creamery Kings).

The O'Brien's created the National Hockey Association (NHA), after being rejected entry to the Canadian Hockey Association (CHA). The NHA consisted of the Renfrew Millionaires, Cobalt Silver Kings, Haileybury Comets and Les Canadiens of Montreal. Within a month, the Montreal Wanderers also joined to become the fifth team. The NHA formed the foundation of today's National Hockey League. Hockey fans everywhere owe their love of today's game, and League, to the hard work and dreams of M.J. and Ambrose O'Brien.

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Preferred By The Pros


Paul Coffey

"During my NHL career, I had a lot of choice in the hockey tape I could use however, Renfrew was the only tape that I felt comfortable with. I started with Renfrew and ended my career with it."


Gary Roberts

"In my 21 season NHL hockey career, I had a lot of choice in what hockey tape I could use. Day in and day out, Renfrew was simply the best !!"

Supporting Hockey Heroes Everywhere

Renfrew Pro Tape is proud to support players at all levels – from peewee to professional athletes, we’re dedicated to helping make hockey dreams come true.

Renfrew Pro Tape is the Official Supplier to